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Why the Narrative or Story is the Most Needed Component for Making a Video a High-Production

The myth around high-production is that a huge budget and a lot of clean work make something “high-production.” All of these things help, of course, but a high-production effort usually derives from something else going on underneath the surface. There is a certain sense of quality that would be hard to pinpoint. It simply feels like a high-production effort.

The Story

Above the editing, acting, cinematography, and the equipment of the camera is the most needed feature: the story. A great story can wrap a viewer into the world. If the world is poorly filmed, it will be harder. If the acting is bad, it will be a lot harder. But, the story is the ultimate anchor point for every other feature of the video. Nothing can be elevated above the story. Now, a story for a corporate video production does not have to be complex. It could be as easy as having a character speak to the camera about the product. But, the story needs to be grounded. Who is this person? Why should the viewer care? The story is what happens behind the scenes.

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The Core Story at Hand

A simple commercial about a mother cleaning up after her children is straightforward. The commercial could be about a mop and the great features it has. What is the story? It is the story of a mother raising her children, of course. The details added to that story (is the mother single? Is the home too small?) will only add to the production. It will make it seem better and superior simply because the story has that one big factor. It has poignance.

Making a high-production video is like making an award- winning film. It just “sort of happens” through the process of serendipity and good project management. But, the above provides an overall theme and narrative where all the other components of the video effort could derive from.

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